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 and      products     of     world      renowned
 concerns.   Our   best   warranty    is   many
 years     of     experience      in      Germany.
 We   are  working  on  computer  controlled
 machines   from   "Tonello".  We   are open
 for     any    innovation,    which    we   are 
 initiating    to   live    within    the    bounds
 of       our       possibilities.
 Our      external      clients      are:
    -    Serge Lavil
    -    Blue Willis
    -    Hugo Boss
    - "Diverse" By Etos and others.

Prices  specially  for  you, in  depend   on  contracts    will    be     negotiated  and    settled.  We  can   mediate
in         contracts         with         sewing     work - rooms,   which    since   many    years   successfully   making
    services both in Poland and abroad.
 "Mik"  Sp. z o.o.  is working since 1994.  We go in for water and chemical washing services and also professional
 improving  of   textile articles. We  are  assure  our  clients  high  standard  of  our  service  with  using machines
















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